Our orientation programme

Le recrutement

Want to join the Motoblouz Team?
Here’s how to do it.

It’s your wildest dream. All you’ve thought about since hearing aboutus. If you want to come fatten up the ranks of the Motoblouz Team (because weare indeed getting fatter), let us tell you how it works. It’s our job to helpyou understand. Let’s face it, not so long ago we were just like you!

Who knows? Maybe we have a position that was made for you. We recommend beginning by cruising through our current openings (LINK) where you may findthe ideal match. Otherwise, why not just send us your CV? We’re always verykeen on finding new talent! So without further ado, click here (LINK) and shootus a message.

If you have what it takes (and you remembered to send us your mobile digits), keep your phone nearby because we’ll probably be trying to reach youfor an actual face-to-face interview! Takea deep breath, it’ll surely go very well ;).

After that, there are up to four more interviews for management positions. The goal is to talk as much as possible so we can all see how theother one operates. And if it’s a match made in heaven, your contract awaits!


at the pit

Any first day on the job is like beginning a new school year – you can really get the jitters. But let us put your mind at ease straight away because everything will be set up in the Pit (a rite of passage for everyone, even if you’ll be working at the shop) to give you the warmest of welcomes!

You’ll be assigned a mentor who will show you the inner workings of the company. You will also get a Welcome Packet and spend several days attending orientation so you know us inside and out.


in your own show!

When you’re with us, you blaze your own career path. We do everything wecan to help you reach your goals because, as you may have guessed by now,Motoblouz loves things to be full speed ahead!

You’ll do an annual update with your manager to discuss your wants andneeds, and any issues. And it goes without saying that we’re all ears the restof the year, too! In any case, the other team members will always be close athand if you need them.

So we’re very excited to watch you host your own career show at our company!