Our brands

Five brands created by bikers for bikers

Accessories and tools
All-terrain gear
Riding gear
Oils and lubricants

Dexter, DXR, Kooroom, O4B, and ProV. Five universally acclaimed brandsthat all came from the Motoblouz Team masterminds. Our top goal is to give youa huge selection of cutting-edge products that look great and work like theyshould – all without breaking the bank.

Over time, we’ve got to know you really well. These brands were madepossible thanks to all your probing questions, valuable feedback, and producttesting.

You’re the reason these brands are constantly improving. Day after day,we go back to the drawing board and rework every detail. We do this because weknow they will become some of the most popular brands on the market. You can(also) give yourself a nice pat on the back!