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Motoblouz: Nearly 15 years of passion-driven service at full throttle. And there are no signs of slowing down…

The best relationships are the usually the ones that last. We’ve beenaround for 15 years and have served more than one million customers. With over€50 million in sales in 2018, we can confidently say that Motoblouz’srelationship with its customers is cruising along very smoothly!

Built on trust, this partnership works so well because we’ve assembled atight-knit community of over 300 brands that share our vision and genuineobsession with giving every customer a huge selection of gear and accessoriesfor motorbikes (and bikers).

In 2008, we revved up the choices by assigning a pro team to developMade in Motoblouz products. A decade later, we feature top-name brands likeDexter helmets, DXR riding gear, Kooroom accessories and tools, and ProVall-terrain gear.

When you add in customer experience pushed to the absolute limit andservices like there’s no tomorrow, we can safely say we’ve done everything tomake our customers feel right at home.

Speaking of home, we wanted an even deeper connection with ourcustomers, so we opened our first retail shop in 2018. It has over 2,000 m2 ofspace and is located near Lille in Europe’s largest motorbike centre.Everything you need to pursue your passion for biking – all in one place.

#1 The market Leader

in motobike gear

People 1 000 000

customers (18% women)

We launched our own brand of motorbike gear in 2008: Dexter.

And we’ve been developing new products non-stop since then.

In 2015, we assembled a special team to focus on expanding the selections andentering new segments, from riding gear to bike parts. Customers now have fivebrands to choose from:

DEXTER : helmets
DXR : riding gear
KOOROOM : accessories and tools
O4B : oils and lubricants
ProV : all-terrain gear

Motoblouz is born>

Motoblouz is born

Motoblouz’s dads Thomas Thumerelle and David Thiry proudly announce the birth of their baby named Motoblouz, produced by D3T Distribution. Welcome to the world!


An early bloomer

All of 5 years old and Motoblouz is a feisty little lad. Not only is the clever kid distributing gear for motorbikes and bikers, but he’s also developing his own product line to give his already long list of customers everything they need.

An early bloomer>
So young and so keen>

So young and so keen

Motoblouz is even hungrier after a quick growth spurt. He gulps down access-moto, a motorbike and scooter parts specialist. Accustomed to his new diet, he also devours four years later.


Multilingual already!

First Spain, then Italy. Motoblouz is a mere 11 years old and he’s already mastered several languages! He caters to international customers with new websites in these two countries.

Multilingual already!>
Motoblouz continues his epic journey through Europe>

Motoblouz continues his epic journey through Europe

Motoblouz is bought by the Equistone Partners Europe investment fund, the principal shareholder in the Polo Group. The group comprises two of Motoblouz’s counterparts: Motorrad and Sportwear GmbH in Germany and Sportsbikeshop in the UK.

The language lessons continue…


Finally, an actual shop!

Motoblouz turns 14 and has no shortage of get-up-and-go. Following a showroom next to his co-workers’ offices, he opens his first shop in a 2,500 m2 space. What a brilliant boy! Motoblouz has several distribution channels so he can give his customers a huge selection to choose from. Quite mature beyond his years…

Finally, an actual shop!>

Our mission

Be the ultimate gear guides foreveryone who rides

You know there’s nothing like the tight-knit bonds in the bikercommunity. There’s an understanding of how we do things and the rules thatapply to the activity we love. Motoblouz wants to be the go-to glue that bindsall us riders together. How? Bygiving you everything you need.

Our solution is based on four areas that we think are fundamental. We go the extra mile to help them:

Caddie Purchase
their items
Roue Be the best
riders possible
Loupe Find
useful information
Group Interact
with the community

Follow, #EnjoyTheRide
the ultimate online destination for every bike lover – always a fun and safe ride!

The team

0 games / day

of table football (i can get quite nasty)

0 motorbikes

parked at the door (we admit, not as many in Winter)

0 coffees / day

for the distributor (we're working on it)

0 parcels

sold and shipped during the day

Our culture

In order to keep a demanding (rightly so) biker community happy, we feltit was our duty to create a team that’s just like them. Let’s just say we roseto the challenge. Motoblouz has biking running through its veins.

Each and every day we bend over backwards to get you what you need. Weclosely scrutinise all the top two-wheeler brands and assemble an absolutelyinsane product selection – plus we cater to every style of riding out there. Wepractise our trade with the utmost transparency. Isn’t that how you gainpeople’s trust? And we’re notmessing about!

We love our employees as much as our customers. So we go out of our wayto spoil them and make sure their job is 100% fulfilling. Our guidingprinciples are: freedom, trust, and take the road that calls you!

Our team talks

My job is to make sure the merchandise gets to our customers. What do I like? How good we make the customers and suppliers feel! It makes me feel good too :)

Perrine (Sourcing Assistant)

What's my job? I develop the best features for all two-wheeler fans.

Joffrey (Technical Leader)

As a co-founder of Motoblouz, my greatest sense of pride comes from the overriding mindset here. The team members are full-on into everything we do!

Thomas (CEO)

Being an online seller at Motoblouz means learning something new every day in a supportive and rewarding workplace that makes me want to push my own limits.

David (Online Seller)

I love feeling like we’re in a lab testing out new things with the teams! We have a blast! I’m in heaven!

Christophe (Supply Chain Manager)

Join us

C’mon, we don’t bite!

So have we convinced you to join the team? Trust us, we get it! Now allyou have to do is apply. You’ve gottwo options:

  • Reply to one of our job listings
  • Just send us your CV. We love surprises!

As you’ve probably realised, our top priority at Motoblouz is findingthose hard-core enthusiasts who have genuine character and love taking theinitiative. If this sounds like you, then we wanted to meet you yesterday!

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